Meet Our Staff




Owner and operator of Skydive Little Washington, Jeffrey Plisko, Started his skydiving career in 1999 at Adrenaline Adventures in Wallace NC.  Since then he has obtained the highest instructor ratings available in the sport through the United States Parachute Association.

He is an accelerated Free Fall Instructor, Tandem Master, and has been a Safety and Training Advisor for the past five years.  Jeff has visited and worked at several drop zones from Virginia To Florida to seek the highest levels of training. Acting as Safety and Training Advisor, he has held his instructors and licensed jumpers to the highest industry safety standards.

Jeff Has accumulated over 2,500 jumps including over 700 Tandems and over 500 AFF Instructor skydives. His professionalism and expertise make him highly regarded in the skydiving community.


Chief Pilot

I’ve been flying for over 40 years and have 10,000+ hours in various aircraft types. That flying has included instructing, night freight, airline, NASCAR, corporate and aerial firefighting.



Chas is one of our homegrown instructors.  Without ever having skydived before, He walked into Skydive Little Washington determined that he wanted to become a licensed skydiver.  Since February 2017, he has obtained his B License, Coach rating, and accumulated over 150 jumps. His love for the sport is infectious and makes him a stellar teacher.


Instructor | Pilot

Kyle Pitchford is a local government IT professional that enjoys spending the weekends with his feet off the ground. Since his first skydive in the summer of 1992, he’s accumulated over 1,000 jumps and over 10 hours of accumulated freefall time. He holds USPA instructional ratings for AFF, Tandem and Coach.

In addition to skydiving, he also holds a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating. You’ll occasionally see him flying the jump plane when SLW’s chief pilot needs to rest his arms. Outside of skydiving he has a passion for long distance running and ultra marathons. “It’s the one thing that you can do, year ’round, day or night, rain or shine, and all you need is a pair of shoes and a good attitude.”

Kyle’s favorite skydiving discipline in high performance canopy piloting, but gets the most fulfillment from his work as an instructor.


Rigger | Instructor

Nelson has been an instructor and our senior rigger at Skydive Little Washington since it opened.  He has been jumping for 13 years and even though he was born in Greenville, NC, he has been an instructor at dropzones in Long Island, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. He is a USPA rigger and holds tandem and AFF instructor ratings. Don’t let him fool you with his “I’m new at this” jokes, he has well over 8000 skydives, 6000 of which are tandems and over 1000 AFF instructor jumps.



Ryan entered the skydiving world by packing rigs at the tender age of 15 to help fuel a passion for fishing which eventually developed into a passion for skydiving.  He made his first skydive in 2003 but did not actually take the course to earn his license until 2010. He has since accumulated over 2000 skydives, thousands more pack jobs, and has his Tandem Instructor and Coach ratings. He has a special passion for canopy piloting and now works as an instructor in both skydiving and fishing. As Ryan likes to say “they go together like chicken and peanut butter”



Sam is our oldest instructor both in age and time in our sport.  At age 64 and with 40 years in our sport he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Sam has held jumpmaster and instructor ratings in the static line method of instruction and was one of the first Strong tandem masters in the country.  He has approximately 600 tandem jumps, his first 25 or so was pre-drogue. “Ouch!”

Although he no longer does tandem jumps leaving those, as he likes to say, “to the young guns”, he is still a very active coach. Sam started skydiving April 30, 1978 in Texas and has jumped all across the country at many different drop zones.  

He has seen many changes to our sport from the old days when most skydivers used round canopies to the high performance canopies of today. Sam witnessed the birth of tandem skydiving, Accelerated Freefall instruction and coaching. Sam loves to tell stories of the old days and what he has seen over his long journey through this sport.

Skydive Little Washington has been Sam’s home drop zone for the past 8 years.  He says this will be his home until and if he ever retires from skydiving.



Travis’ first Skydive was a tandem here at Skydive Little Washington.  After landing he was hooked! Travis decided to learn how to do it on his own and did his first student jump on 11/15/15.  In 3 months he earned his A- License and has not looked back since. By June 2016 he had his B-license and the following January Travis earned his Coach Rating and has been coaching students at Skydive Little Washington ever since.  By August 2017 he had his C-License and now has well over 440 skydives and is working on earning his AFF Instructor and Tandem ratings. Teaching the sport of Skydiving has changed Travis’ life!